The College of Robotics is starting classes in Portland, OR

to bring your children ROBOT & SCIENCE educational classes.

If you have interest in joining a class in late 2020, please send us an inquiry. 


The College of RoboticsTM is a non-profit organization teaching young students (ages 7-13) math and science as they work with and learn about robots, Artificial Intelligence and programming. We are offering a variety of classes for students in 2017 in multiple loctions in the United States. 



Description of Classes, Workshops & Camps


Robots & Programming Classes (ages 8-13): The College of Robotics offers 1-hour Classes where students work through self-paced Lessons. Teachers work with students in every class providing directions and checking results of projects. Students must be a minimum of 8 years old to take any class at this time. Please do not register any child who was not 8 years old as of September 1, 2016. If your child is over 13 yrs. old, please contact us to discuss the options to ensure they will be successful with the curricula. 


Introduction to Robots & Logical Thinking Classes (ages 7 & 8):  The College of Robotics offers guided fun 1-hour Classes for students of ages 7 and 8. The classes use the Ozobot robot (which must be purchased at Barnes & Noble). Students learn about robots and logical thinking through simple programming techniques (static programming). Each student must be accompanied by an adult for the entire class. Come have fun with your child!

Robot Summer Camp  (ages 8-13): We are pleased to offer three Summer Camps in 2017. Camps are 3-hours per day for a week (Monday-Friday; 9 am to 12 noon), where students have fun with and learn all about robots, artificial intelligence and programming. 

Please use the registration form on the Registration Page

to get on the list for information regarding camps.

Workshops  (ages 8-13): We will offer a 3-hour Level-1 Robot Workshop where students build a robot and learn how to begin programming their robot. Students must complete all Module-1-Lessons, consisting of eight Lessons of programming and navigation skills, before taking the Level-1-Robot-Workshop.

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