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At The College of Robotics, your student will be taught by extremely qualified faculty members with many years of experience. Our teachers are Roboticists, course developers, teachers, software architects and experts in artificial intelligence. Many of our teachers have been working in robotics for many years. They bring this experience to all our students in every course they teach. 


Our founder wrote several books on robotics which are appropriate for students or adults. They are only available for the iPad. You can find links to the books at: or on iTunes as "Get To Know Robotics" by Steve Taylor.



We teach math and science concepts with copyrighted characters in the virtual & real world.


  • Our staff has taught over 120 courses in a wide variety of subjects
  • Our Top Professors who oversee all curriculum and may teach a course.


To find out which classes are available near you, look at our Pricing page.

Courses are currently taught in the Vancouver, WA. area and coming soon to Portland, OR.


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